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Frequently Asked Questions

When can you quote new business with Risk Rating 2.0?2022-10-17T14:52:27-05:00

All new policies with an effective date on or after October 1st, 2021 are quoted in Trident with RR2.0 premiums.

What additional fields are required to input the Risk Rating 2.0 application?2022-10-17T14:25:11-05:00
  • Construction Type: Masonry, Frame, or Other
  • Foundation Type
  • Square Footage of structure or unit
  • Number of Units: list 1 for Single Family Dwelling
  • Replacement Cost Value: Although FEMA will determine this for single-family, residential mobile/manufactured and 2-4 family homes, the agent should still input the RCV for all risk types in the application.
How has the claims process changed with Risk Rating 2.0?2022-10-17T14:21:32-05:00

There is really no change to the claims process with the change to Risk Rating 2.0.

How are flood zones determined in Risk Rating 2.0?2022-10-17T14:49:14-05:00

Flood zones are ordered in the background, the same was done in legacy rating, as that information is required to determine the Risk Rating 2.0 premium.

Are private flood quotes still available? If so, how?2022-10-17T14:20:09-05:00

Quoting private flood is still available. Under the “Sign & Pay” button in Trident, (if eligible) a private product will be listed and there will be a button to redirect you to the private product system.

Are losses claimed against a private flood policy considered when writing an NFIP policy?2022-10-17T14:19:11-05:00

Risk Rating 2.0 only uses NFIP flood losses for that particular property in determining applicable loss history.

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