Hurricanes & Flood Events


Course Objectives

Being prepared for the inevitable is key to staying safe during any type of disaster. This will provide an informative overview of how to prepare for a flood, tips to stay safe during a flood, and what to do after flooding occurs.

Preparing For A Flood

What To Do If A Hurricane Is Coming

What To Do During A Hurricane

Safety After A Hurricane

Clean Up After A Flood

Using Technology to Speed Recovery

Filing a Flood Claim Agent Dashboard

Filing a Flood Claim Insured Portal

Flood Events Resources & User Guides

Floods and flood insurance can be intimidating but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our flood-focused user guides were built by experts with decades of experience in the flood industry. Check out these flood event and preparedness focused user guides to learn everything you need to know about flooding

Emergency Plan Checklist

72 Hour Kit Checklist